Nominated for a Drum Marketing Award 2018

Step 1: Discover that cheddar contains the highest quantity of Tryptophan (a naturally occurring amino acid that makes you dream) than any other cheese. 
Step 2: Find some bonkers, cheddar loving Brits who don't mind maybe becoming famous.
Step 3: Feed them Pilgrims Choice Cheese before bed.
Step 4: Peak inside their brains.
Step 5: Turn their #cheesedreams into an absolutely insane advertising campaign.

This campaign is a year's worth of crazy hard work. From day one, it was the brief (and cheese) of dreams. 

Directed by: Joseph Mann
Co-director: Rune Spaans
Produced by: BLINKINK
Producer: Julia Methold
Music: Soviet Science
Sound: Scramble
Edit: Stitch
Grade: Freefolk