1 X Gold PromaxBDA Award for Best Entertainment Promo (originated)

In October 2015, we (Sunshine) won the BBC Three account. That was a good day. What followed was months of tirelessly creating a three-part campaign to tell the world in 2016, that BBC Three wasn't going to close but instead move to the Interwebs - the home of edgy documentaries and comedy.

First, we created a brand launch - 'Let's Go There'. Mixing BBC Three programme footage with wacky purpose-made animation, and even a sound bite of Jeremy Paxman asking "are these the sort of programmes the BBC should be making?" We wanted to show BBC Three for everything it was (still in). A channel ready to provoke. That asks questions. Wants a reaction. And will always go all the way. LET'S GO THERE.


In our first part of the campaign to educate people of BBCThree's move online (right), Chabuddy G introduced the first instalment of the campaign - the actual move itself.

We worked with the writers from the BBC Three show 'People Who Just Do Nothing' to create this 60 second TV spot to explain how the move from TV to online, was going to work.

This was later followed by a longer edit (which lived on their Barker Channel 24/7 for 4weeks as the transition happened) longer edit which included the actual 'how it will work' information.


Chabuddy G's guide to Martial Arts (Jungle Jiu Jitsu)

Jungle Jiu Jitsu

Posted by Chabuddy G on Monday, 8 February 2016

Further to the campaign, we had the idea for Kurupt FM to hack BBC properties in order to talk about the BBC3 move. Here, the Krupt boys perform 'Oh No' & 'Shut Up' in the BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra Live Lounge; MC Grindah, Beats and Chabuddy G (who introduced himself as “the off-white Bruce Forsyth") took turns on the mic, while Steves, Fantasy and Decoy played keyboard, recorder and drums respectively. It was massive lols. 

Oh and the campaign was also mentioned at THE BAFTAS. No biggie.