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Great Characters Make Great Drama is the launch of ITV’s new Brand positioning as More Than TV.

These films aim to to drive reappraisal. To engage new viewers and provoke people to look again and see ITV as a creative, ambitious and modern company that make some incredible programmes and experiences. 

We wanted to celebrate the impact great drama has on lives beyond the screen highlighting the complexity and depth of ITV characters and the compelling stories they tell.

It’s not every day you get to work with an 2 x Oscar winning Director (James Marsh), a DOP like Benoit Delhomme, Bafta and Golden Globe winning actors and actresses and a musician like Max Richter, but someone has to do it.

A continuation from the campaign launch films, ‘The Patriarch’ and ‘The Guvnor’, these three Radio pieces explore different character archetypes.

Roger Allam resumes his role as ‘The Patriarch’, Anna Friel cuts deep as ‘The Villain’ and Tom Bateman lures the listener in as ‘The Siren’ – historically a role played by a woman.