For years, I've been saving to try and buy a house in London. I can't.  House prices are so ridiculous - I don't stand a chance. 

One afternoon I was bored at work and decided I to change food prices to reflect house price inflation, to illustrate the un-affordability of houses in London. You wouldn't put up with paying £30+ for cheese so why are we putting up with these ludicrous rates of inflation making owning a home nothing but a fantasy?

Have a look at the #pricedoutlondoner blog here.

As a country we can't continue to ignore the fact that owning a house has become a luxury of the rich and not a right of all. 

In the same week I did this Mayor of London Sadiq Khan pledged to ensure half of all new homes in the capital are affordable; I reached out to him about the campaign - i'm sure his answer is in the post.

One estate agency even used the campaign as a way of highlighting how affordable some of the properties they were offering were. I still couldn't afford them though.