At work, I get called 'Viral Nat', not because I have a predisposition to getting the flu but because every now and again, I put something out into the world and people go mental for it.

Like this tweet about oranges at a Whole Foods somewhere in America. Sorry 'Mandarins' (I received over 300 tweets telling me I was an idiot for not knowing the difference). 

This went so viral my phone actually broke. It turned itself off and disappeared into the big iPhone in the sky to look down on me and laugh as I was pummeled by Twitter.

I ended up receiving a lot of press (possibly understandably) from predominately the UK and US albeit most of the coverage was completely made up. One even said I took the photo in California which, unless I have an American twin, is impossible. 

I also had some very bizarre celebrity support, notably from Bear Grylls, Ben Goldacre, Reginor Spektor and Adam Buxton.

Oh and Whole Foods ended up pulling the product entirely. Ensue the upset of millions of people with arthritis whose lives I have apparently now ruined. 

If idiots could fly, Twitter would be an airport.