5 teams. 5 different London boroughs. Different races. Different ages. Different skills. Different backgrounds. All united by one game.
November 11th.
Winner got Nandos. Losers got Chicken Cottage. 
Who was the #LastManStanding?

6 months ago I was introduced to an incredibly talent young Creative/ Film Director Hybrid, Gundeep Anand. I was struck by many things - his energy, his hopes but most of all the simplistic approach he had to his work. He shared with me an idea he'd had about showing young people in London that even in the face of adversity, anyone can have a dream and make it a reality.

Together, we turned that idea into The Last Stand. He led the project with me acting as his Creative Director and mentor from start to finish.

On 11th November we held a Futsal Competition in Shepherds bush, to unify seemingly different London youths, all through the power of football. Regardless of their background, religion, race and ethnicity, 5 teams played against each other for the first time ever but certainly not their last.

We are already looking forward to uniting even more young players and Last Stand 2 in the pipeline for April/May. We're also in talks with Nike for permanent sponsorship.


Special thanks to: Hammersmith & Fulham Council, Coca Cola GB, Metropolitan Police, The Mill, CutFramez, Aftr Mdnt, The Sunshine Agency, West London Futsal, Twice cut films, Samurai Sounds