I'm a permanent Huff UK blogger and have been writing for them for over 4 years.

I've written about everything from Feminism, to women who eat on the underground, to my hatred for hipster plate substitutes, to charity narcism to my bush. Lots of highs, plenty of lows but that comes with the territory. All my articles can be found here.

I wrote for Vagenda for a few years before it was shut down. I wrote on topics ranging from the controversial website Return of the Kings, to Anal Sex. 

I wrote about how Lily Allen gives me a lady-boner for Sabotage Times and she liked it so much, she sent me a note to say 'thank-you'.

I've spent a glorious year reviewing restaurants, gigs, festivals, art etc for LOTI during which they were voted one of the top 5 blogs in the UK by Elle Magazine.

Time Out approached me to write for their Readers Issue and I interviewed Robin Thickie about 'Blurred-Lines-Gate' before he decided I wasn't the hottest bitch in the place and pulled the piece. 

My pieces have a habit of pushing people's buttons which means that I personally have been written about by ViceThe TelegraphGawker,Stylist and The Guardian and The Independent. 

Oh and I've also written a book. A publisher is currently using it as a doorstop somewhere in Kensington.