Shortlisted for 1 x Diversity Marketing Campaign Award


I believe in a world where the media represents everyone - that celebrates diversity, and reflects real life. I believe that diversity needs to be addressed and normalised, fast. The quicker that happens the quicker we can ensure all voices, stories and lives are accurately represented.

Working alongside Nadya Powell and Wren Graham, the #SoWhiteProject was born out of a desire to to shine a light on the under representation of the BAME community within advertising. This is causing young people across the world to question their identity – many of the parents who are part of #ChristmasSoWhite, #EasterSoWhite and #SummerSoWhite have experienced their children asking if they can have white skin like the girls on TV and in Magazines. This is not a future we want for any child. 

Yes progress is being made. Yes I know the John Lewis ad had a black family in it, but we need to normalise it to such a degree that we don't even notice the colour of the families nor point out that one black family finally made it into the media and we should all be content with that.

Shot by photographer Helen Marsden with Looks Like Me modelling agency, The#SoWhiteProject is funded by 14 advertising agencies including, Above + Beyond, Google, Sunshine, Saatchi & Saatchi, Creature, AMV BBDO, Mediacom, Grey. 

Each shoot is focused around celebrating the diversity of modern day Great Britain through families from the Looks Like Me books as they each enjoyed the festivities of Christmas, Easter and Summer. 

All we really wanted to capture, was a more accurate representation of what real life looks like. Normal for one is not normal for all.

We managed to secure a partnership with Getty and a photos are available for public use, royalty free.